About us

Anne Lambton

“Forrester Research estimates there is a partnering ecosystem of >500k companies worldwide looking to do business, forge relationships and identify the best channels and routes to market”

Jacqui Rand

“Together is stronger when delivering IT solutions these days, and so partnering is the only way to deliver today’s complex solutions.”

Damian Woodward

“We know from supporting small tech companies that partnering is the way forward as it accelerates their time to market and helps them be successful.”

Erik Frantzen

“Channel partnering is the proven and most effective way for IT companies to deliver complex solutions to customers and to scale.”

About Channeliser

After >25 years in the IT industry apiece, (including >10 years each at Microsoft where they met), founders Anne Lambton and Jacqui Rand, launched Channeliser, to solve the hardest challenge in the IT industry – finding and engaging with other IT companies to bring complex collaborative solutions to today’s demanding customer who increasingly has consumer expectations in a business technology environment. There are, of course, social platforms, networking events and exhibitions, but what about an intelligent search that is industry specific, global and covers the entire IT industry?

Uniquely, Channeliser offers a business to business professional network where clever matching and precision search drastically cuts the time to find the “right-fit” IT companies. Channeliser also uniquely supports company to company connections and corporate social content which are essential to business continuity (rather than someone leaving and taking that corporate social history and connections with them!).  So now, on Channeliser, you can find and engage with IT companies that will help form the collaborative solutions for tomorrow’s customers. 

Channeliser was founded in November 2014, beta launched “Search” in the Summer of 2015 and followed that up with the press launch of the combination of “Search” and “Social” in Summer 2016, when it was described as “…the LinkedIn of the IT industry” and “The eHarmony for Tech”. Channeliser has private equity investment and growth plans to expand to a global footprint, not just of its members who already cover >70 countries across all continents, but also with staffing to support the sales and technical drive to be a global player in the niche, corporate, social business space.

Channeliser is uniquely placed to serve the entire IT sector of more than 500,000 companies worldwide who can no longer work in isolation, but need to form lasting business partnerships.

Search, connect, Engage – Channeliser gives you back control of your corporate social content, connections and business partnerships.

Channeliser – where IT partnerships flourish.